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3B Jewellery


Welcome on 3B Jewellery website

This page is supposed to promote the handmade jewellery

The artist is miss Zuzana Kreibiková


Welcome in my world of wires, beads and fantasy...
My name is Zuzana (Susan) and I am an engineer who creates jewellery since 2013.


The motivation for starting this hobby of mine was my daughter that showed me a picture of such jewel. I thought - why not to try it myself? So the passion was born.

The jewellery is made from silver plated copper wire and copper wire. I am not working with pure silver or gold - yet. I use anti-allergic materials and finishing.

Every single peace of my work is the one and only; it is my personality, my love and my fantasy entwined with it ... and every piece has its own small story - happiness, nostalgy, success, disappointment... It brings me joy, fulfillment and my world is somehow prettier and more colourful. I wish to share it with you.

So welcome one more time :)